Our friends – with or without their knowledge

  • jQuery – You know who they are, and so you do about jQuery ui used here and there.
  • Uploadify – The only jQuery / Flash quick upload combination that actually works and helps you (with some security improvements).
  • elRTE – Maybe it’s not the best wysiwyg editor out there but it’s very easy to use, maintain and extend.
  • Jeditable – A good in-place text editor.
  • nestedSortable – This plugin should have been in the ui package a long time ago.
  • Timepicker – just as above this plugin should be in the ui package but it isn’t.
  • Cycle2 – An excelent jquery plugin used for the Sliders plugin.
  • Dragdealer thanks to Ovidiu Cherecheș for his very good js component that helped bring some life to our donation box.
  • Cobus media – our thanks to Cobus media for the German translations