What is TinyCMS ?

It’s the type of software that will save dozens of work hours when you are building a website. It is a CMS (Content Management Software) written in php, that tries to be as user friendly as possible, very smart and most importantly, extremely fast. Made for web-designers, the TinyCMS suite is easy to install and easy to extend. TinyCMS does not use data-bases, it’s storage mechanism are simple text files. This makes it very fast and very web hosting resource friendly. By installing TinyCMS you don’t have to worry about your website’s engine. You have an easy to use administrator interface and a single html file that you can edit as you wish to completely change the way your website looks.

What TinyCMS is not

TinyCMS is not a platform that supports thousands of pages, not because it can’t do it but because it would use to many files and resources to be called “tiny”.

Abilities and advantages

  • Pretty urls
  • Administrator interface available in 3 languages: English, Romanian and German
  • Multi-language – your website can have multi language content with ease, the engine will add “/ro/”, “/de/”, “/de/” etc. before all your urls
  • Template-able – you can have multiple website templates, easily changeable with one click.
  • Extend-able – you can use any of our plugins  to extend it’s core capabilities or you can write your own plugin to achieve your project goals
  • The system will use ten times less memory as WordPress for example to achieve the same result. In some cases it can be one hundred times as fast to render a page on the exact same setup as a giant like WordPress or Joomla. That’s because, for this purpose, you will only ever use a maximum of 1% of what these giants can do with their code.
  • The cms is using a short-code system that will allow you to completely separate php coding from html coding, thus you will have a html file that you can use to “draw” your website without having to bother about the way the “engine” works.
  • It has a page and menus system that will allow you to separate the menus form the pages enabling you to achieve your project exact specifications.
  • The system is built in a way that you can use 3 possible layouts in the same template
  • It’s completely free. TinyCMS is given out under the GPL licence